Sue’s 2015 Marketing Predictions


By Sue Brady

Fortune CookieAs you can see by my 2014 predictions post, My track record is just so-so, so take these with a grain of salt!

Social Media Scandals will Tank two Major Companies – No idea who or when, but it’ll happen. 2015 will be the year of uber transparency. Consumers demand it and I predict that at least two brands, in an effort to do this well, will crash and burn.

Explosion of the Chief Marketing Technologist Role – This hardly new role will become commonplace in 2015. The role will be actively recruited and become the perfect role for the IT leader who has become skilled in marketing, or visa versa. This person will be the go-to source for identifying and vetting marketing technologies such as CRMs, CMS’ and social media tracking systems. Modeling will also fall into this role.

The Customer will be King – Brands that don’t become obsessed with the customer will falter and be overtaken by those that do. CUSTOMER OBSESSION RULES.

Unified Customer Service Technologies – I really expected this to happen in 2014, particularly in relation to mobile tools, and it did somewhat, but not to the degree that I thought it would. By unified customer service technologies I mean that brands will make it easy for customers to contact them through a variety of methods: email, phone, chat, click to call.

Large Data Breaches will Continue – I fear that overseas hackers will cripple at least three major American companies (and I wrote this post before the recent Sony breach!), setting up a huge government initiative to not only prevent future attacks but to also identify and prosecute those behind them.

Content Marketing – This critical area will become even more critical because the public demands it. Added value content that’s available to everyone is not just the norm, but it’s how companies show their expertise. This continuing trend will create a new wave of key content marketing positions.

A New Social Media Platform will Emerge as #1. First it was MySpace, than Facebook, then SnapChat and Instagram making it to the top of the list of sites used by the younger crowd (over 90% of Instagram users are under 35; source=Business Insider). As soon as the ‘grown-ups’ adopt a platform that the ‘kids’ are on, the kids find a new one.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year!

Sue’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014


By Sue Brady

I check my blog stats often to understand what’s resonating most with my readers.

Here’s the list of your faves from this year:

Happy reading!


How I’m Obsessed with Making my Company Customer Obsessed


By Sue Brady


I recently started a new job. I work for a fairly well-known satellite technology company. Part of my job is customer retention. As much as I’ve looked forward to this aspect of my new position, I’m also a little bit nervous. My company does a great job with marketing, but can make some improvements in the area of Customer Obsession.

I realize that it’s going to take a methodical approach to turn everyone’s thinking back to the customer. We get very wrapped up in developing a great product, in fixing issues as soon as we know about them, and even in improving the customer experience. But as a company, it seems like sometimes we fall down on keeping the customer in mind when we make decisions.

So here’s my plan. The first thing I need to do is to get buy-in from the top. Why? Because without C-suite support, I don’t stand a chance. The way I’ve started this mission is by mentioning the term Customer Obsession at every opportunity. I want to be known as the customer czar. I’m not in Customer Service, but as a marketer, I know that the whole company needs to start thinking like a customer advocate. I make sure to talk about the customer all the time, but especially when I’m in meetings with the senior folks.

Secondly, I need to get buy-in from everyone else. I want everyone to think this way. Last week there was an email conversation about some of the emails we send to our customers. They are, without exception, ‘no-reply’ emails. I asked why this was so and was told that we don’t have the resources to field random customer service-oriented questions. I have raised the question: Why do we want to make it hard for our customers to reach us? If we give them a great customer experience, maybe they’ll tell two friends and they’ll tell two friends…and well, you get the idea. So I’m trying to change that. If we email a customer, they need to be able to email us back if they have a question.

The third thing I need to do is work with the social media team. Social media is a customer service function at my company, because they are primarily dealing with customer service issues. And that’s okay, I can work with that. I hope to make those social media folks into the best customer advocates that we have. If I can do that, it means that it will spill over into other areas of customer service, and that means that the folks that talk to our customers the most will be better problem solvers, working with the customer’s best interest in mind.

And so it begins. I’ve had three people already come to me and say they support my efforts 100%. That’s three more than I had yesterday. This is just the start. I’ll post as time goes on to let you know how I’m doing in this quest. In the meantime, I have CUSTOMER OBSESSION written on the white board in my office for all to see, every time they come to talk to me.

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