Some Cool Twitter Features You may not Know About


By Sue BradyTwitter

Twitter has recently rolled out a number of features. They are summarized here for your tweeting pleasure.

Mute Feature – It is now possible to continue to follow someone, but mute their updates for as long as you care to. In other words, if you decide you no longer want to see someone’s updates for a while, but you also don’t want to ‘unfollow’ them, you can put them on mute. This feature is not fully rolled out yet. I have access to it via TweetDeck (owned by Twitter), but not yet from To see if you have this feature, click on the … that appears to the right under a person’s tweet. A box with options will present. Then click on mute. The person you mute is not notified. To unmute, go to Settings, click on ‘mute,’ then ‘remove’ and then ‘done.’ (Note: I would never mute Joe Pulizzi…this is just an example!)

Twitter mute  optionScheduling Tweets – This can be done from and will only work if your ad blocker is turned off or allows access to this particular site. Click on the new tweet button at the top right of your screen. A tweet box will open and you can select the Scheduling tab. There you’ll see the options to pick a date and time for your tweet. Finish by selecting the Tweet button in the lower right-hand corner. Read here about other tools you can use to schedule tweets.

Schedule your tweetsSearch – This feature has gotten more robust over time. When you run a search on (there’s a search bar at the top-right of your screen), you’lTwitter search barl see the options pictured below on the left side of your screen. The ‘advanced search’ option will give you a ton of choices as well.

Twitter search options

Lists – Not a particularly new feature, but a good one to know about. Using lists allows you to organize the people you follow into categories that make sense for you. You can access this feature on by clicking on the name of a person in your feed, and then selecting the gear to reveal the drop-down box. When you select the ‘Add or remove from lists’ option, you can add this person to a list you already have created, or you can create a new one. Note that unless you make your list private, anyone who comes to your profile page can see your list titles, along with who is included in those lists. In the example below, my list called ‘Partners’ is private, meaning I’m the only one who can see who I’ve put there.

Sue's Twitter Lists#tweetsmart!


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